Interviewing Flat Stanley at KUCB in Unalaska.

I’m an award-winning public radio journalist and environmental policy nerd. I currently report for New Hampshire Public Radio. My work has aired on NPR and stations around the country, the BBC, CBC, CNN and more.

My multimedia deep dives on environmental justice have won top honors from PMJA and state press clubs. I’ve been a reporter, host, producer and (of course) intern at public radio stations in Indiana, Delaware, Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, Boston and Washington, DC.

I like stories that show how public policy and its shortcomings can shape people’s lives, transform their communities and drive how they participate in democracy. I love good sound, meaty PDFs and surprising retellings of stories we thought we knew. I want to connect listeners with people and places they might never otherwise understand. And I thrive on dogging a developing story, pulling new threads and adding context as I go.

Born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland, I got my bachelor’s in classics and philosophy at Boston University, where I sang a cappella and traded all my sleeps to cut my teeth editing the independent student newspaper, The Daily Free Press. I now live on New Hampshire’s Seacoast, where I’m expanding my rock collection and learning to cook.

CONTACT ME for story ideas, pitches, opportunities, my resume or to say hello.

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