I bring colleagues together on innovative, impactful environmental storytelling projects that cross platforms and beats.

N.H. Public Radio: By Degrees

I co-created this newsroom-wide climate change reporting initiative with managing editor Cori Princell. We wanted to grow our climate coverage but felt stymied by the pressures of the daily news cycle. By Degrees was designed as a dedicated space to prioritize this topic across beats, using science and audience engagement to tell human-driven stories about the causes and impacts of climate change and our responses to it.

We crafted a strong brand and editorial lens, developed production plans with staff across the organization and surveyed hundreds of audience members for story ideas. Our planned Earth Day 2020 launch was pushed to July and refocused on connections to health and social justice. Long-term goals included events, a newsletter and a digital dashboard where readers could ask questions and explore stories, information and resources by subtopic.

By Degrees received a Society of Environmental Journalists grant and became a cornerstone of fundraising for NHPR. Listeners and sources reported that we raised the bar for climate coverage and drove policy conversations in New Hampshire and beyond.

by degrees story category chart

New England News Collaborative: Special climate change coverage

reporters at climate retreat in NH 2019

I began leading regular meetings of the environmental reporters from New England’s NPR member stations in 2019. We were separately covering highly regional aspects of climate change like energy and waste. I saw potential for more synergy, collaboration and sharing.

These meetings and an in-person retreat in fall 2019 (above) became a generative brainstorming space. In spring 2021, the group committed to sharing a week of content as part of Covering Climate Now. I planned and edited stories remotely, contributed my own reporting and oversaw a production timeline and sharing system. 

The result was the first time the collaborative’s stations had ever worked together on this scale, with roughly 20 journalists from eight newsrooms producing at least two dozen radio and digital features, talk shows and more on a range of climate issues, from rising seas, infrastructure and the energy transition, to art, waste issues and more.

NPR: United States of Wildfire (2021)

I contributed reporting to this award-winning project from NPR’s Energy & Environment Collaborative. My pitch on wildfire adaptation in New Hampshire’s White Mountains was a genesis for the final product, which included a visuals-driven web app and multiple audio stories. I went into the field with a photographer and sourced original data for my part of the project (and a local version), and helped plan and edit with a team from NPR’s National Desk.

Outside/In: Windfall (2021)

I was asked to step in as co-host of this podcast series, on the rise of the American offshore wind industry, a few months before its release and after years of prior reporting. With the project still in draft form when I joined, I wound up contributing a great deal of editing and writing — listening to rough mixes, talking through changes, adding my own reporting and promoting the project in interviews. It was one of several times I helped bridge the gap between NHPR’s newsroom and podcast division.

Indiana Public Broadcasting: A Year in East Chicago (2017)

I led the writing and production of this multi-platform special project, on a chaotic and unprecedented Superfund clean-up at a public housing complex in Northwest Indiana, for Indiana’s NPR stations in 2017. The project earned first place, multimedia presentation, from the Public Media Journalists Association. It included an hour-long radio special and multimedia long-read that built off months of field and investigative work.