I believe the best environmental reporting uses clearly translated data, science and policy to contextualize compelling human stories of our changing relationship with nature and the places we live.

Climate policy & politics

Where They Stand: Comparing The 2020 Democrats’ Climate Change Proposals (NHPR, Dec. 3, 2019)

This exhaustive comparison of the 2020 presidential candidates’ climate plans, along with an audio piece about voters’ views on the race’s climate focus, was one of the biggest projects I did while covering the first-in-the-nation primary. As far as I know, it was the most thorough analysis published by any outlet that cycle.

Bill raises hopes of more Maine-based climate change education for students, teachers (Spectrum News Maine, Feb. 22, 2022)

The Family Business (Outside/In, March 28, 2019)

I contributed reporting, writing, editing and voicing to this podcast episode about the evolution of Republican climate change politics, as seen through New Hampshire’s prominent Sununu family.

Some Republicans See Missed Opportunity To Campaign On Climate Change In N.H. (NHPR, Oct. 30, 2020)

Amid Utilities Commission Delays, Newly Formed N.H. Energy Dept. May Give Governor More Policy Influence (NHPR, Aug. 31, 2021)

Science & weather

New England Will See More ‘Winter Heat Waves’ As Climate Warms (NHPR, Jan. 13, 2020)

UMaine scientists find severe climate change impacts on Mt. Everest in record-setting expedition (Spectrum News Maine, Feb. 8, 2022)

Monday’s storm tide previewed climate change-driven sea level rise in Maine, scientists say (Spectrum News Maine, Jan. 19, 2022)

Climate activism

‘It’s My Future’: A New Generation Of Young Climate Activists Takes The Helm In New Hampshire (April 19, 2021)

One of several stories I did while managing the New England News Collaborative’s climate coverage week.

This story on the state’s largest environmental protest in a generation was recognized by the Public Media Journalists Association.

By Degrees: COVID and Black Lives Matter Have Spurred Change. Why Can’t Climate Change Do the Same? (NHPR, July 14, 2020)

Utilities & the energy transition

Approval of Maine power line referendum has ripple effects for clean energy, advocates say (Spectrum News Maine, Nov. 3, 2021)

Federal Energy Jobs Report: N.H. Efficiency Sector Took Big Hit During Pandemic (NHPR, July 20, 2021)

Maine In, N.H. Out for Energy Contract with Massachusetts (NHPR, Maine Public & WBUR, March 28, 2018)

I spearheaded this rare “pinwheel” through the New England News Collaborative, combining three stories from three reporters to unpack major transmission news that affected all our states.

A Fight for Transparency At New England’s Powerful Energy Industry Group (NHPR, Dec. 20, 2018)

After Years Of Slow Action On Climate Change, What Sets Offshore Wind Apart For N.H.? (NHPR, Jan. 21, 2020)

New England grid steward rejects oil group’s claim that state heat pump rebates will drive winter power issues (Spectrum News Maine, Dec. 17, 2021)

Climate impacts & adaptations

As Climate Change Drives Droughts, Water Conservation & Infrastructure Become Key (NHPR, Oct. 24, 2019)

Americans Are Moving To Escape Climate Impacts. Towns Expect More To Come (NPR, Jan. 22, 2021)

This piece was adapted from an episode of NHPR’s Outside/In podcast that I also contributed to.

White Mountain Forest Steps Up Wildfire Prevention Efforts In High-Risk Neighborhoods (NHPR, July 14, 2021; adapted from NPR series)

How Risk From Climate Change Will Reshape Flood Insurance In N.H. and New England (NHPR, April 22, 2021)

Another project I did while managing the New England News Collaborative’s climate coverage week.

Old-School Snow Sports Push Through Climate Change ‘Winter Whiplash’ (NHPR, March 20, 2019)

‘Climate-Ready’ Great Bay Culvert Shows Possibility, Challenge of Coastal Resilience (NHPR, Sept. 25, 2019)